Syncless 2.0

A handy tag-based folder syncing tool


  • Seamless, real-time syncing
  • Embedded in File Explorer
  • Nicely designed interface
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • Can sync more than two folders


  • No support for remote locations
  • Doesn't include as many advanced features as other similar tools

Very good

Syncless is an innovative, original file synchronizer. Instead of the traditional syncing tasks, it uses tags to keep content between folders perfectly synchronized.

Syncless doesn’t require installation. Once you unzip the file somewhere in your hard drive, you’re ready to start using it. Simply create as many tags as you need, either with the Create button or using the context menu in File Explorer. Then drag and drop the corresponding folders onto the tag you want to use with them. You can also use the Tag button to tag folders.

The Preview functionality in Syncless enables you to have an idea of what will happen after syncing folders. After checking the results, you can actually sync data with the Sync Now button. One of the greatest features in Syncless is the Seamless mode; when enabled, it automatically synchronizes any changes made to any of the tagged folders.

Syncless features a sleek dark interface that makes the program a pleasure to use. Unfortunately it doesn’t support syncing to networked drives or remote locations, such as FTP servers. Other than that, it’s an excellent syncing tool.

Syncless is a handy file syncing tool based on tags that lets you synchronize data between multiple folders.



Syncless 2.0

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